Employment Opportunities

Vermont Arts Exchange (VAE) has a mission to “Bring the arts to people of all ages, abilities and income since 1994”. We do that through community partnerships and by focusing on three areas; art education, performance and exhibition. In 2016 VAE formalized its ongoing partnership with the Village School of North Bennington (VSNB) into a full time program providing art education for its entire Pre K through sixth grade student population. VAE has built its twenty-five year reputation on out-of-the box thinking. We use non-traditional materials, take risks and look for collaborators in the community like; local business people to interview for the Village Portrait Project, locations like Lion’s Park to install public art and village store fronts in Lincoln Square to showcase our annual student art exhibit. These community partnerships strengthen the art program and set this programming apart from traditional school art programs. Our VAE team at VSNB consists of two administrators, two lead teaching artists, teaching assistants and Bennington College federal work-study interns. With this capacity to assist the students we can be more innovative, experimental and above all, more creative, all while following the core standards and meeting state education guide lines.


Job Available

Part Time Teaching Artist with a focus on early learners



  • Plan for and teach four, hour-long classes per week
  • Prepare and submit lesson plans incorporating Vermont Early Learning Standards (VELS).
  • Complete report cards for all students three times per school year
  • Attend one hour-long staff meeting per week
  • Prepare for and help install of one large school art show. Prepare artwork for two smaller art installations.
  • Become familiar with and adhere to school policy and practices.


Background, Skills and Competencies

  • Applicant must have a Bachelors Degree
  • Fine Arts background
  • Education background either through formal or informal training
  • Skilled or interested in learning a variety of mediums
  • Able to create a processed based curriculum
  • Skilled in classroom management
  • Flexibility and creative thinking
  • Passionate about this work and invested in the program
  • Must pass a background check
  • Able to work well with minimal supervision and is well organized
  • Able to effectively communication with co-workers, students, parents, and school staff
  • Able to work with classroom teachers to integrate arts into core curriculum
  • Able to prepare work to display in art shows
  • Open to partnering with others to make projects “bigger and better”



  • Works with other VAE Teaching Artist
  • Directs classroom assistants
  • Communicates supply needs to Program Coordinator
  • Reports to Executive Director