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An Update from Matthew

An Update from Matthew
Keeping Busy
VAE’s Board of Directors, teachers and administrative staff are wishing that this finds all of you
in good health and spirits.Although our main function of providing arts education, exhibition and performance has paused, we are still very busy!  Yes, the majority of our income has stopped but we are proud to say that we are able to pay our teaching staff through April as we seek out and apply for the financial resources to get through this hard time. Our teaching artists are family, and we want them (and us) to still be here when this is over so we can get back to being together. Until then, we are working on a few new ideas to support the community through this crisis like a walk-by outside gallery and another Village parade. We continue to work on several ongoing projects and are focusing on VAE’s arts advocacy work by connecting artists with emergency relief funds. VAE staff is still checking email daily, phone messages when possible and is active on VAE’s Facebook page. We are here if you need us, just get in touch through Facebook or e-mail at our family to yours.
Take care, be creative and stay strong,

Matthew Perry
Vermont Arts Exchange Executive Director 

P.S. I mentioned “still being here for you when this is over”, if you can help with a donation at this time,
it would probably me more helpful now than ever.
Click here to donate through our website.Thank you
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